Gordon Bee


A Message From Our Founder

The first seed was planted when I completed my Club Diver (BSAC) training with Milton Keynes Sub Aqua Club, some 10 years ago. The total feeling of freedom that diving gave made me aware of how fortunate I was to have found this sport.I had considered learning for many years and regret that it took me so long to “take the plunge”. I now feel I want to offer other, less abled people the opportunity of “Being Free”.This is my contribution to that mission.  

The first task is to raise money. We have been in contact with potential Sponsors, both nationally, and internationally, and the response so far has been good. The feedback to the original request for support was encouraging enough to form the organisation now known as Dizzy Divers. This is a slight play on words of Disabled Divers (I hope you approve). Based on the pledges received on the first round of requests, our first trainees will be booked on a training course shortly.This is where we need the help of you individual divers. To make a personal donation, simply click the donate now button.  

If you or your company wish to become commercial sponsors, (no matter how small the donation you will be included) then please contact us and we will gladly send you more information. As a customer or sponsor of Dizzy Divers, you will automatically qualify for membership of Dizzy Divers Sub-Aqua Group.  

The aim of the group is to keep you informed of progress, and also to ask you to participate in building a community amongst our members. This will also help enormously in promoting our services.