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The objects of the Trust are to provide funding and / or organising the training of disabled or disadvantaged adults or children who want to participate in the sport of Scuba Diving by the issue of grants or awards.  

The funding opportunities the trust plan to offer will make access to the sport more affordable particularly for the disabled, as often the training required, even at basic level requires additional staff or equipment, thereby increasing costs.  

All training would be arranged through relevant, specialist organisations such as, but not limited to:   IAHD (International Association of Handicapped Divers) The Scuba Trust, BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club), or PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). All recognised as worldwide diving certificates.  

The training would be available nationally, dependant on individual needs and accessibility. The benefits of having the trust to assist will be that we can raise awareness of the sport through our marketing efforts, and point out the health benefits, both physical and mental to those that choose to partake.  

During the early stages of training participants will quickly realise that they, no matter what their abilities will be participating on an equal footing with their peers, whatever their social status or physical ability. This sport is a great leveller. It builds confidence, improves health and wellbeing, and is also a very “social” activity, encouraging social interactivity. If participants should choose to further their training, they will be encouraged to do so, and who knows what may lie ahead. They could become Instructors, Dive Guides, Underwater photographers, or any one of a myriad of industry related occupations that may present themselves worldwide. Examples include Dive shop or School operators, Equipment manufacturers, Marine Biology, Marine archaeology etc